Paintbrush Services is Campbell County’s leading provider of Portable Restrooms Rentals and Service. We offer variety in styles and uses, from long term construction rentals to single day events. There is no project too big or small. Rent clean and modern portable restrooms by day, week, or month for all of your local and remote job sites and special events.

Available Portable Units

Paintbrush Services portable restrooms offer you, your workers and guests, the same essential amenities as an indoor restroom. Each unit comes equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers and 60% alcohol hand sanitizer, capable of killing 99.9% of common germs. Each unit complies with OSHA and MSHA requirements. Units available for rent include:

-       Single Units

-       ADA-Compliant Structures / Handicap Accessible Units

-       Trailered Single / Double Units

-       Independent Hand Washing Stations


Need the unit(s) to move with you between locations and sites? We offer trailered portable restrooms, available in both single and double sizes, which easily attach to any trailer hitch. Enjoy the freshness our Mobile Units offer. All Paintbrush Services’ Mobile Units stay fresher longer because they are equipped with the largest tanks.

Quality Assurance

At Paintbrush Services, we cater to all of your restroom needs. We assure that our units are delivered and continuously maintained, in pristine condition. Our team utilizes the Paintbrush Services computerized Quality Assurance Program to ensure every restroom is consistently cleaned and serviced to our high standards of cleanliness. Our services meet the demand for clean, safe portable toilets in Gillette and surrounding areas. Units will be serviced and cleaned on an agreed upon schedule of up to multiple times daily.

Construction Sites

Save money and increase productivity with on-site portable restrooms from Paintbrush Services. By eliminating the need for workers to travel off-site, you provide an opportunity for reduced distraction resulting in heightened yields.

Special Events

Paintbrush Services’ portable restrooms are the perfect private and public event restroom solution. Paintbrush Services can accommodate restroom needs for large, remote, or outdoor occasions, including:

-       Concerts

-       Community & Sporting Events

-       Expositions / Trade Sows

-       Corporate Events

-       Weddings & Receptions

-       Family Reunions

-       Private Parties and more!

Free Quotes

Our estimates are up front and honest. Here at Paintbrush Services, our clients never incur unnecessary hidden fees or surcharges.

“At the end of the day, we live here. Our service is our name. We don’t sell products, we don’t do retail. All we do is service. We think 30 years in the industry with 90% return or referral business speaks to how we do business here. Experience the Paintbrush Services difference for yourself.”

- Tim Slattery, Principal

Call to request your free quote today! Find out how our family can help make your next project or event a success. 307-682-3913.