Paintbrush Services is committed to being a quality provider of Portable Sanitation Rentals. This includes the quality of our offerings, the maintenance of our units and the dependable services we provide.

Breaking the Mold

For many, there is a negative stigma associated with entering and utilizing a Portable Restroom or Portable Restroom Rental Service. Portable Restrooms have traditionally been critiqued for being low-tech, low quality, with low expectations for better business practices. Paintbrush Services is proud of the consistent cleanliness of our units, timely services, safety focused teamwork, performance record and growing list of satisfied customers.

Thanks to our Paintbrush Services Quality Assurance Program, a high-tech computerized service tracking application, we can now guarantee that all of our portable restroom units are regularly cleaned and serviced according to schedule, consistently - even during cold Wyoming weather.

Service Accountability

Every Paintbrush Services unit is equipped with a scanned coder capable of providing information to our Paintbrush Services central computer system, detailing its cleaning and service history. Written confirmation is documented and always available to our valued customers, including the date and time of each units servicing, to assist in the verification and assurance of proper services rendered.

Our initiative to implement a Quality Assurance Program helps us to better exceed the needs of our industry. We have always believed in taking exceptional care of our customers and valued the importance of applying appropriate efforts to ensure that all of our portable units are kept, cleaned, and maintained to our high standards of cleanliness.

Assured Quality

To provide the highest level of quality in comprehensive sanitation services, we strive to be so much more than just computerized tracking and logging systems. Unlike other providers, in the event that locked gates, doors, or other obstacles prevent our team from attaining access to your rental units for scheduled cleaning, we always contact you to notify you of the situation and make plans for follow-up services.

For Assured Quality and clean, fresh portable restrooms, rent by day, week, or month with Paintbrush Services, 307-682-3913.