Pipeline Inspection

Paintbrush Services offers a variety of systems used to inspect sewers and conduit. Over 90% of North American sewer pipelines in the ground are between 8” and 12” in diameter. If you need to quickly inspect a pipeline, we have the tools and competencies to help.

At Paintbrush Services, we offer Pipeline Inspection Services that utilize a high tech crawler called the Rovver. The Rovver is equipped with a high quality camera, which can be guided remotely by a Paintbrush Services Inspection Technician through underground piping. Our trained Technicians use the Rovver to crawl, zoom, pan and tilt for optimum inspection capabilities for distances of up to 40 feet.

Our Mainline Camera, the Rovver, has a modular design that allows for convenient reconfiguration to any combination of pipe size, material, and condition. It navigates past debris and obstructions, climbs offsets, and passes through inverts and curved access points with ease. Its chassis sizes allow for inspection of pipelines between 4” and 60” in diameter, accommodating most pipelines.

The Rovver uses a fully automatic cable reel, which has a tension sensor to reduce the pulling burden while providing for extended range. It can be used as a reactive inspection program, meaning we use the Rovver and its camera to locate problems and also as a proactive program to inspect pipelines before problems arise.

Pipeline Inspection is made easy with Paintbrush Services and our compact underground camera inspection system, the Rovver. Call us today for more information about our Pipeline Inspection Services and how our Mainline Camera can work for you, 307.682.3913